Quality design since 1946


Britax PMG Ltd has been designing and developing vehicle electrical equipment for nearly eighty years.

‘Off the shelf’ products


Our ‘off the shelf’ products are generally aimed at the ‘After Market’ and are designed to be fitted to vehicles retrospectively. Some of these are ‘plug and play’ (such as cigarette lighter socket powered beacons) and others require professional installation (such as lightbars). We carry a wide range of ‘off the shelf’ products, many of which are held as stock items and are available at shorter notice.

‘Bespoke’ products


We also manufacture a wide range of equipment on a ‘bespoke’ basis. We have developed many tailored products over the years, and have the resources, experience and capability to fulfil the most challenging of customer requirements. In some instances, a cost effective option is to adapt an ‘off the shelf’ product to meet specific needs, however we also have the know how to develop a brand new design from scratch. A recent example is a customer who asked us to help them to develop a “unique and recognizable identity” for their vehicle using light clusters to help create the vehicle’s ‘face’.

The design process

  All new product designs go through a strict process of development and we have many facilities at our disposal including:- • The latest 3D CAD Software • FMEA – Failure/Mode/Effects/Analysis • Pre-production prototyping • Modelling machinery, tools and hardware • In-house testing capability

Anything is possible

  When it comes to designing bespoke products, we are able to fulfil the very smallest to the very largest of orders (and anything in between)… something many of our competitors are unable (or unwilling) to do. We can offer a complete ‘turn key’ solution to customers, or work in close collaboration on an existing design (we have signed and honoured many ‘non disclosure agreements’ over the years and our discretion is absolute when it comes to confidentiality). In terms of materials, pretty much anything is possible… any size, any colour, any material and any style (subject to statutory regulations of course).