World class testing laboratories

Britax PMG Ltd has a large and well equipped world-class testing laboratory in the UK, as well as access to facilities at our sister companies around the world (including an excellent technology centre at Code 3 in the US and a local laboratory in China). We conduct hundreds of tests every day, not only to ensure quality control on manufactured products but also to test new product prototypes to destruction. Our products meet all statutory legal requirements as well as our own rigorous standards (which go above and beyond what is required by law) and our full time technicians conduct a wide variety of tests, including:-

• Chemical resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• Dust resistance
• Endurance testing
• Impact resistance
• Temperature resistance
• Water resistance (moisture ingress)
• Vibration resistance

It’s worth highlighting that many of our competitors do not have such facilities (particularly in-house) and very few of them conduct as many tests as we do (and certainly not to our own rigorous standards). Where possible, we recommend all of our potential customers take a tour of our quality control facility and testing labs.


Bridlington Office

Our Bridlington site is home to our administrative function and UK assembly plants. Our UK design team is based here, together with our Engineering team, Quality Control, Customer Services, Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, and IT departments. The Bridlington site is also home to our sister company, Premier Hazard Ltd.



Being a global player offers economies of scale in both the procurement of components and the delivery of final product, helping to lower our costs and improve our competitiveness.



Being part of a larger Group offers multiple advantages. Production facilities in Australia, China, the UK and the US enable us to respond quickly to the needs of customers around the world. We have been manufacturing in the UK for 50 years at the Bridlington site, and in China since 2009.

An ESG Company

Britax PMG Ltd is part of the ECCO Safety Group, the world's largest manufacturer of back-up alarms and amber warning lights. ECCO Safety Group and its subsidiaries are worldwide market leaders in emergency lighting and audible warning equipment for commercial and emergency vehicles.