We are very proud of the dedication shown by our committed workforce of over 250 employees (many of whom have over twenty years continuous service). In fact our longest serving employee is our Quality Assurance Manager, who has been with the business for over forty years. All of our senior staff are highly experienced, and have many decades of knowledge between them. In addition to our existing team, we also like to take on new talent, and have recently recruited a number of apprentices and graduates.


Many of our staff have specialist qualifications (ranging from NVQs to PHDs) and we offer all of our employees regular training courses in our in-house facility on an on-going basis. We offer regular appraisals and set Key Performance Indicators for our staff, to ensure that everyone is aware of their individual responsibilities and working towards the same goal. This results in a highly motivated team, who are highly capable, passionate, determined, and most important of all, customer focussed.


Being a large employer in a relatively small town, gives our business a ‘close knit’ feel (in fact it is not uncommon for us to employ several members from the same family). Visitors to the Bridlington site often comment on the warm welcome they receive, and friendliness of our staff. We like to think that this environment nurtures a positive working culture.

An ESG Company

Britax PMG Ltd is part of the ECCO Safety Group, the world's largest manufacturer of back-up alarms and amber warning lights. ECCO Safety Group and its subsidiaries are worldwide market leaders in emergency lighting and audible warning equipment for commercial and emergency vehicles.