Safer, Brighter, Smarter

Our brand values speak for themselves. In short, we aim to make ‘safer, brighter, smarter’ products. ‘Safer’ products not only prevent injury, but also potentially save lives. ‘Brighter’ not only in the literal sense, but also in terms of being forward thinking. ‘Smarter’ in terms of driving technological developments and efficiencies.


Quality throughout

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’ so goes the expression… a philosophy that we apply to all of our products. Our equipment is highly regarded for its quality, reliability, durability and engineering. In fact we are regularly contact- ed by customers looking for spare Britax parts for vehicles that have seen several decades of active service (testament to the quality of our engineering).


Test to destruction

Whilst it sometimes costs a little more to undergo such rigorous testing, it always results in better value in the long term. By increasing the reliability and average lifespan of products (and decreasing the cost of downtime caused by the need to replace faulty units) a small price premium is generally well justified. Any manufacturer can make a cheap lighting product for example, but few (if any) test their products to the same high standards as Britax PMG Ltd.



We like to encourage a ‘can do’ attitude across our business. We expect our staff to challenge convention, be forward thinking, and communicate and work as a team to meet our strategic objectives.


Open forums

We hold regular open forums where junior staff can meet the Managing Director and members of the Senior Management Team to discuss all issues relating to business performance. This is an informal session where participants are encouraged and rewarded for airing their views and concerns. This series of meetings is very popular and helps to highlight areas where change and development can provide tangible benefits to both the individual and the company.



Internal communication is of paramount importance. In addition to the open forums, staff are kept up to date with the latest developments through a number of internal bulletins. Employees also have the opportunity to suggest performance improvements through regular team meetings and a company-wide suggestion scheme.



Finally, whilst we expect our employees to work effectively, we also want them to stay highly motivated. Our Social Club committee organises regular social events, helping to bring people together in an informal environment. Several activities are held throughout the course of the year, the highlight of which is the Company Christmas Ball. Outside of work, several members of our Finance team also organise ‘Physical Fridays’… a range of ‘after hours’ activities combining a great deal of fun with a little exercise (typical activities include five-a-side football, baseball and beach volleyball).

An ESG Company

Britax PMG Ltd is part of the ECCO Safety Group, the world's largest manufacturer of back-up alarms and amber warning lights. ECCO Safety Group and its subsidiaries are worldwide market leaders in emergency lighting and audible warning equipment for commercial and emergency vehicles.